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What's your best "sky is falling" clickbait headline for the author community? Jim and Bryan are back in action, and they're here to announce the Author Accelerate 31 Covers promotion, which gives you a chance to get a professional cover tweak! After thanking their patrons Hypercage, The Secret Blush, and Sell More Books With Less Social Media, the dynamic duo provided tips on writing out of town, organizing your email lists, and building your brand. News stories included the launch of the Walmart/Kobo online bookstore, the biggest international stories of the week, China Literature's recent film company purchase, one author's slow but steady path to success, why the sky isn't falling on Facebook, and how another author 30x'd his sales by buckling down and doing the work. This week's Question of the Week: What's the best made-up headline you can come up with about the latest terrible thing happening to the author community? (i.e. Amazon Now Requires Blood Sample to Join KDP Select)

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