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Do you think Authors Direct can provide Amazon with serious competition, and would you use them? Bryan is joined by four co-hosts as the Best Page Forward team takes over the podcast. The Happy Books Review Winner is Jim Heskett. Our featured Patrons are Plain Talk About Marketing Blog Tours, Blogging for Authors, and What Sells Books. Bryan gets into the Hot Tips which include how to usage issues with stock images, why self-doubt will take a toll on your creativity, and which promo sites could benefit your marketing. The story receiving Honorable Mention is the KU reporting crisis that’s making authors crazy! Bryan and the gang jump into this week's top five news stories, including what is the fate of the Createspace DVD program, a great author success story from Mary Crawford, how will the Kobo/Walmart partnership affect online ebook sales, why rebranding was the change that helped Jeremy Williams reach his financial goals, and how Authors Direct could change the audiobook market. Question of the Week: How do you think Authors Direct will disrupt Amazon? Will you publish your audiobooks through Authors Direct to contribute to that disruption?

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