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If you could design a survey for the author community, what information would you gather? Jim is back on the show this week and he and Bryan had a great July 4th. Bryan announced the Happy Book Reviews winner Will Brown and the guys thank their iTunes reviewers for the great feedback. Bryan thanks the wonderful Patrons Nightblade, Gone, and The Cordova Vector. The fabulous weekly tips include how to get creative about your writing time, which tips can save you tons of time during the edit, and what marketing mistakes you might be in danger of making. Honorable mention story is who got the boot at Barnes and Noble. The top five stories that matter this week include how Amazon is expanding the ebook market, what’s pushing Createspace toward obsolescence, how one author revived old books, are author surveys uncovering truths or muddying the waters, and how mindset can increase monthly sales by ten times. Question of the Week: Aside from an income survey, what kind of survey of the author community do you feel would be the most helpful for you and why?

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