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Do you think the Association for Library Service to Children made the right decision in their attempt to airbrush history? Should history be rewritten? Bryan Cohen is flying solo this week, but the sound effects king Jim Kukral will be back next week! Our fabulous featured Patrons include Slow Burn: Zero Day, The Final Arrangement, and Wanderer’s Escape. This week’s Happy Book Reviews Feature winners are Darren Sapp and Franki Kidd. Get ready for hit tips including how to use the Dome of Silence to get great feedback on your writing, why extreme calendaring is the new sport for you, and which milestones and achievements can motivate your future projects. The five news stories that deserve your attention this week are why pronouns won’t double your income, which sales strategies can help you go wider than wide, how Wattpad is becoming the launchpad for original film and television content, when is it all right to airbrush history—if ever, and how author Barry Hutchinson combined a backlist and a rapid release strategy to explode his income. Question of the Week: Do you think Association for Library Service to Children made the right decision to rename its award? How do we best distinguish between racist themes, characters, and authors when looking back on books from the past?

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