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When you hit the big time how do you plan to be smart with your money and protect your financial future? This week's Happy Book Reviews Feature winner is Randy Green! Bryan is a little under the weather so Jim takes a moment to thank this week’s wonderful Patrons: Guild of Tokens, Planet Dead One Shot, and Gold Frankincense and Myrrh. This episode’s tips include how to compare KDP Print and Createspace, why you want to control your Also Boughts, and what price points will actually hurt your sales. The stories that fought their way to the top this week are how Amazon is bundling short stories and audio, what author M. A. Robbins did to hit his biggest month ever, why Amazon’s new gifting feature won’t actually effect sales numbers, when a rapid fire release strategy can really boost sales, and why you should take control of your finances with confidence. Question of the Week: If you were to become a big-name author, how would you handle your finances to ensure that unscrupulous people wouldn't siphon your funds behind your back?

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