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How confident are you that Amazon will keep current pricing with Audible? Bryan and Jim marvel at 219 straight weeks of podcasts and remind listeners to get Summit 2019 tickets before they are sold out. Bryan calls for indie author success stories and announces the QOTW winners. The guys thank ALL wonderful Patrons at Bryan and Jim have some helpful tips like using the right credit card to get points from your ad spend, how to re-invigorate your New Year’s resolutions, and which activities will help increase your productivity. The big news stories this week were how Chance Carter had to pay the piper, what are Apple and Amazon’s reader conversion plans, why one author is going wide for a launch advantage, why Amazon is taking a page from brick and mortar for pricing, which author’s series reboot hit the Top 1,000 in the Kindle Store, and why Amazon and Apple are in an audio content war. Question of the Week: Do you see Amazon sticking with the Audible model of $15 for one book (and its Channels content) per month or will it shift to an Unlimited model and why?

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