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Genre related keywords in your subtitles: yay or nay? This week, Jim is joined by J. Thorn and Zach Bohannon who are filling in for a vacationing Bryan Cohen. They kick off this week’s episode with a quick “thank you” to they generous patrons: Rebel Song, Cowgirl, Unexpectedly, and Kiss Kill. This week’s tips include how authors can attract new audiences on Kickstarter, how writers can use short stories to build their fanbase and skills, why authors should simplify their calls to action. News items include Overdrive celebrating an historic milestone, Smashwords and Findaway Voices partner up, how authors can gain insight into Canadian readers, the rise in popularity of “Up Lit” novels, why Britain’s Book Industry Communication organization is calling for authors to stop using promotional content in subtitles, and how Amazon is making it a little more difficult to find reviewers and land publishing deals. Question of the Week: How do you approach subtitle metadata for your book? What's your take on the ethics of using genre-related keywords for your subtitle? Bonus: What was Bryan doing this week instead of co-hosting the show?

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