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Will younger print readers stick with the medium when they get older or head to ebooks or audiobooks? The dynamic podcasting duo is back for another week of news and tips for authors. After taking a moment to thank their patrons: Triumviratus, Stone Cold, and The Hunted, they share some great tips including why indies should embrace their role as “Youpreneurs”, why writers should never give up on their books, and protecting their KDP by-line. Latest news items include why authors aren’t the only ones hurt by scammers, how the future of the internet rests in the hands of the next billion users, why a serial fiction startup is gaining traction, how shady characters are using CreateSpace to launder money, and why bestselling author Terry Goodkind stirred up a firestorm when he publicly ridiculed his cover art. Question of the Week: When the paperback-reading Snapchat generation gets into their 20s and 30s, will they keep reading paperbacks, move to ebooks, or go straight to audiobooks and why?

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