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Setting a $9.99 price point for your book? Crazy or the thing to do? Jim and Bryan are taking to the mic once again, this time they kick off the show with some exciting news about exciting news about Jim's traditionally published book and contract. Next they took a moment to acknowledge their generous patrons: Doubt the Stars, Guardian of the Grail, and Achieve Anything in Just One Year. Tips include how authors can get more reviews, venturing outside your comfort zone can be a good thing, and how to improve your time management. In the latest news, Michael Alvear shares a survey about authors' experiences with Facebook advertising, one Wattpad author may see her characters on TV, Kindle Worlds might not be all it’s cracked up to be, pricing ebooks at $9.99, and Barnes & Noble just laid off 1800 workers - could this be the beginning of the end? Question of the Week: Would you ever consider pricing your ebooks at $9.99? Why or why not? If you ever have priced your books higher than average, did you see any results?

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