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Looks like Rocket has some competition. After Jim introduced Willow the Puppy to the Sell More Books Show, he and Bryan tackled the biggest stories of the week. This episode is brought to you by show patrons Twisting Fate, Character Sketch & Color, and The Last Verdict. In their last episode before the show’s three-year anniversary, Bryan and Jim talked tips about using social media to find readers, how to track what your fans are buying, and how to make Amazon Ads work for you. The top five stories included new opportunities for authors to get on TV, a new publishing path for academics, a new trad pub author going indie, Hachette’s two latest partnerships, and Marie Force’s changed stance on the New York Times list. This week’s Question of the Week: What do you think is the One Thing you should be focusing on to get more readers and why? Also, which one of us is Toots and which one is Puddle?

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