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Jim and Bryan welcomed their first patron G.D. Leon to the show to talk about what he’s learned from the podcast. After thanking their patrons Jamie Arpin-Ricci (for the book The Last Verdict 
 ), Gillian Felix (for her service Plain Talk Book Marketing ), and Emma Alisyn (and her book Character Sketch & Color ), the self-pubbed pub-lovers talked tips related to Nook Press, harassment, and cupcakes. News stories included reactions to the Merritt Tierce mail carrier piece, laws about autographed books, TOR’s indie marketing play, the Society of Authors’ request for income protection, the predatory vanity presses at major trade shows, and a new threshold for leaving reviews at Amazon. This week’s Question of the Week: Are you in support of a law that provides publisher transparency AND additional author earnings if companies turn enough of a profit? ALSO, who would you want to see speak at a live author event in 2017?
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