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Jim and Bryan started the episode by announcing their new Patreon page. By becoming a patron of the show, you can get your book mentioned on air and contribute to several awesome milestones like extra episodes and an SMBS road tour! Check out the page at 
During the episode proper, the sluggers of self-publishing news tackled tips on improving Dragon Dictate, selling direct, and pricing your books. News stories included the last-second acquisition of PubSlush, the closing of HarperCollins Authonomy, Ann Jacobs' attempt to join the Ellora's Cave lawsuit, Konrath and Eisler's take on the "Amazon is a Monopoly" meme, Amazon's new Also Boughts drop-down menu, and the massive Hugo Awards controversy. This week's Question of the Week is "If you were on the shortlist to get a Hugo nomination in the midst of the Sad Puppies controversy, would you have withdrawn your name? Why or why not?"
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